1st Brahmasatra – USA

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul – USA celebrated its 1st annual Brahmasatra starting August 3rd through August 8th in Plano, TX with the divine blessings of Gurudev Shri Devkrushnadasji Swami, under the guidance of Pujyapad Devprasaddasji swami and the presence of Brahmnisth santo such as Purani Shri Krushnapriyadasji Swami, Shashtri shri Haripriyadasji Swami and many other santo from India and USA. This six-day event consisted of various spiritual discourses from Brahmanisth santo on Vachnamrut, Ghanshyam Charitra and other spiritual topics as well as evening programs of Bhajan Sandhya, Ras Bhakti with Santo, Bhajan Antakshari, Nidhidhyas and many more. More than 1000 haribhakto emmersed themselves in this divine celebration of spirituality to attain ultimate salvation each day.