Amenities at Gurukul, BLR

Smart Class rooms :

Spacious, sunlit, well ventilated and air cooled, digitally designed with LCD projectors, internet connected and scientifically arranged seating system with maximum seating capacity of 30. More than 30000 video clips with detailed illustrations on variety of concepts and topics are available in each class room through “smart class technology”

Laboratories :

Science Laboratories viz. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and electronics are all well-equipped with all the necessary tools, chemicals, instruments. ICSE, IGCSE and PUC students have their separate standard of Experiments which are observed in these laboratories.
In addition to the Laboratories of Science, a child needs to even imagine the crisscross and mazy 3D diagrams of Mathematics. Practical representation of math elaborates the subject and print geometrical concepts into their little brains.

IT Labs :

Students of class VIII and above are provided with personal laptops and students of all other classes have the facility to access computer lab with one-to-one system facility. All major languages of computer with different programmes are taught by most experienced and tech-savvy teachers.

Library :

A well arranged, knowledge rich and spacious library with several useful books, magazines, journals, encyclopedias, etc as per syllabus requirements and need of the students. Students as well as staff make a good use of it in preparing their projects or the lectures.

AV Collections :

‘A soft copy of the library’, SGIS has associated with Educomp Solutions and School Net, India that provides a vast AV Collections. CD’s on subject Chapters as well as knowledge based CD’s on Technology with many exercises CD’s transforms the complete teaching methodology of SGIS.

Auditorium :

Acoustic designed, AC fitted, Vast digital screen set and with spacious seats.

Krishna Kids’ Zone :

Little cute kids enjoy their time in Krishna Kids’ Zone with the variety of play items and accessories. It’s a unique place for kids to play and learn with the teachers. It is a also a place to expand the growing mind in a right direction.

Activity Based Learning :

Children are assigned tasks of research and presentation on various topics of different subjects in each periodic assessment. This encourages them to explore the ocean of knowledge and discover new aspects. The projects marks are added in their mark sheets.

Wall Magazine :

Each house is given three display boards and is assigned different topics in every week. The house is responsible for displaying newer information and development related to the topic assigned. By our experience for the past few years, we can passionately tell that the children at Gurukul do better on par with any graduate student.

Coaching & Remedies :

Students who try to catch up their friends in academics receive a helping hand from teachers in remedial classes in addition to their regular coaching which is given free of cost.

Language Coaching :

NRIs or Students coming from regional medium, face problems in following Hindi, Kannada or English language, initially. A special tuition session is set up to teach the language from the core for these students.

Student’s Academic Improvement Programme- SAIP :

In the view of encouraging healthy competition and self motivation Gurukul has introduced a unique programme called SAIP. Each student is given a target percentage to achieve based on his previous examination performance. The student is given a free tour as a reward for achieving the given target. It has been a grand success till now by which hundreds of students crossed their target unbelievably.

Playgrounds :

International Standard Playgrounds for all popular games and sports including cricket, basketball, volleyball, Lawn Tennis and all other indoor games.

Swimming Pool :

Everyone envies our swimming pool with crystal clear water in a lush green campus. It is designed following the standard norms for competitions and is a great place for all the future swimming champions. With the help of our meritorious coaches, students master their swimming skills here.

Transport Facility :

Gurukul runs more than 15 different bus routes piercing through nook and corner of Bangalore. Luxurious seats, brand new busses and caring transport staff are the fine futures of Gurukul’s transport system.

Sports Coaching :

Gurukul has appointed professional coaches to train students in different disciplines. A student can opt for two different sports or games to master. On every working day, the coaches train these students who strive to master the game thereby reach the heights of the perfection.

Food :

Gurukul serves pure vegetarian and nutritious food keeping their age in the mind. The diet includes both north Indian and south Indian Cuisine. It also includes fruits and other nutritious items which are necessary for the healthy growth of children. Jain food is also served with the regular diet.