Learning and Enlightening

‘Gurukulites fear to tread the path where fools rush’

With the solid base of spiritual truths and modern inventions in the field of education, a child in Gurukul is molded to successfully meet all the challenges posed by modern world and come out with flying colours. A child is exposed to most modern methods of learning and exploring the world where he enjoys freedom, relishes life’s finest gifts and discovers his own potentialities.  IGCSE syllabus from Cambridge University, U.K. and ICSE syllabus New Delhi offers whole lot of opportunities and challenges to understand and appreciate the world.


Discipline :

Following self imposed discipline leads to freedom. This concept of freedom is followed in Gurukul, which neither tortures students nor gives unnecessary or excessive freedom.  

Gurukul system of maintaining discipline is very unique of its kind wherein which students are issued cards for violating self made rules. Cards are ranked in Green, Yellow and Red color as per the degree of the misconduct. Issue of a Red Card after 2 Yellow cards followed by 3 Green cards, will result in the cancellation of a student’s registration.

In addition to discipline, SGIS conducts Personality development and Stress Management sessions timely, which helps students to develop charismatic personality and know the secrets of controlling the mind.

House System :

To encourage students to develop competitive spirit, to enhance their knowledge and polish necessary skills, students are classified into Four Houses namely Rugved, Atharved, Yajurved and Samved House symbolized with Yellow, Light Brown, Blue and Orange colours respectively. 

More than forty five competitions (academic) are conducted in every academic year following International Standards between the houses excluding more than 40 different sports and games events.  


CES – Comprehensive Evaluation of Students :

Parents can virtually come here and see their child’s performance online in almost all categories.

This is self designed Internet based reporting software. The child’s evaluation in more than 50 fields is timely updated, which includes his academics, health, attitude, personal, co-curricular, cultural and many other performances.