• Holi Utsav – Dallas, USA

    Holi Utsav – Dallas, USA


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  • Holi Utsav – Phoenix, USA Gurukul

    Holi Utsav – Phoenix, USA Gurukul

    Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul – Phoenix, USA celebrated Holi Utsav on March 11th, 2017 in the presence of pujya santo and more then 80 haribhakt’s.  

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  • Vachanamrut Jayanti & Shakotsav – UK

    Vachanamrut Jayanti & Shakotsav – UK

    તા. 3 ડિસેમ્બર 2016, વચનામૃત જયંતીના રોજ ગુરુકુલ યુ કે. દ્વારા વચનામૃત જયંતીનો ઉત્સવ રાખવામાં આવેલ. સાથે શાકોત્સવ પણ રાખવામાં આવેલ. પૂજ્ય શાંતિપ્રિય સ્વામી તથા પૂજ્ય હરિનિવાસ સ્વામીએ શાકોત્સવની લીલા તથા વચનામૃતના મહિમાની કથા કરી હતી. યુવાન હરિભક્તોને વચનામૃતનું જ્ઞાન વધારે દ્રઢ થાય તે માટે વચનામૃત આધારિત કવીઝ પણ રાખવામાં આવેલી.    

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  • Divinity: September-October 2016

    Divinity: September-October 2016

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  • Shraddh Utsav: UK

    Shraddh Utsav: UK

    On Friday 23rd September Shradh Mahotsav was organised at Priestmead school. Pujya Viraktjivandasji Swami has narrated incident about Sadguru Gopaland Swami and British Officer. He also explained in details what is Shradh and it’s significance. Pujya Shantipriydasji Swami has outlined future activities going to be carried out at Gurukul especially kids activities for children aged…

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  • Satsang Abhyuday Satra 2016_UK

    Satsang Abhyuday Satra 2016_UK

    In today’s fast paced world it is easy to forget our identity as Satsangis and our goal. To guide us back on our spiritual path amidst our daily routines Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Rajkot had organized a three day “Satsang Abhyuday Satra” from August 12, 2016 thru August 14, 2016 in London. By Guruvarya Shri Devkrushnadasji…

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  • Annual Patotsav 2016 – Chicago, IL

    Annual Patotsav 2016 – Chicago, IL

    Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul, USA-Chicago celebrated its second annual Patotsav in deeply spiritual environment from July 1st to 4th in the presence of Pujyapad Sadguru Shri Devprasaddasji Swami. From July 1st through 3rd, Purani Shri Krushnapriyadasji swami gave religious discourse on Dasam Skandh of Shreemad Bhagvat Parayan as well as Vachanamrut Chintan from Pujya Devprasaddassji Swami.…

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  • Inauguration Ceremony: Phoenix, USA

    Inauguration Ceremony: Phoenix, USA

    An opening ceremony of Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul, Phoenix was celebrated on June 19th 2016, Saturday with the divine blessings of Guruvarya Shri Devkrishnadasji Swami and in the presence of Sadguru Shri Devprasaddasji Swami and Purani Shri Krishnapriyadasji Swami. Between 9a and noon, Haribhaktos from California, Phoenix, El Paso and Denver participated in 51 “Samuh Mahapuja” that…

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  • Swayamsevak Seminar 2016 – Paramus, NJ

    Swayamsevak Seminar 2016 – Paramus, NJ

    Swayamsevak Seminar 2016 was held at Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul USA, NJ from May 28th through May 30th 2016 stretched over a period of two and a half days, the seminar was packed with various spiritual and learning activities. It was attended by more than 300 swayamsevak’s from various Gurukul chapters of USA and Canada in…

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  • Satsangyatra 2016: Schedule

    Satsangyatra 2016: Schedule

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