Shraddh Utsav: UK

On Friday 23rd September Shradh Mahotsav was organised at Priestmead school. Pujya Viraktjivandasji Swami has narrated incident about Sadguru Gopaland Swami and British Officer. He also explained in details what is Shradh and it’s significance.
Pujya Shantipriydasji Swami has outlined future activities going to be carried out at Gurukul especially kids activities for children aged 7 to 16 which has already got huge success at USA Gurukul.
Pujya Bhaktitanaydasji Swami has thanked all disciples for participating this Utsav and outline activities carried out by Rajkot Gurukul.
Saints have themselves prepared full dish prasad which was served at the end.
Dozens of male and female volunteers worked hard to make this event very successful.