Industrial Visit – Hyderabad

Gurukul Hyderabad timely organizes Industrial visits to popular factories. Yesterday, 20th September, 2009 all the students of Gurukul were taken to visit the India’s 3rd Ranking Steel manufacturing company, “Vinayak Steels Limited” situated near Rajiv Gandhi International Airport at Shamshabad.

The company is model company for the TMT Steel rods manufacturing with no-dust, pollution free processing. Students had a very good opportunity to see the raw dust turning in to solid iron bars before their eyes.

The iron is manufactured here in 3 main phases.

  1. Gathering from the Ore
  2. Recycling wastes
  3. Processing to the Ready TMT Bars

These bars are used in the RCC civil constructions. Students saw all these phases, how the ore is furnaced into iron stones and similarly the wastes are recycled into iron stones.

These are then MELTED at a temperature over 1600° C, Students saw the flowing iron fluid molded in many repeated processing, creation of the bars, stretching, and finally forming the rods.

We were very thankful for the organizers from the company, to support us to conduct such a marvelous industry visit along with implied support of about 12 guides and snacks.