To provide an International Standard Educational Solution to the child, SGIS is soon being accredited to Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation (CITA), an Alliance of the premier American accrediting and evaluation organizations, presently having over 30,000 associated Schools from over the world. All the Infrastructural and Knowledge based facilities are shaped according to their standards.

Discipline :

Gurukul, the name itself gives an ambiance of discipline. The association between staff members to students, students to students, Staff members to Staff members is of relation and dedication. Hence the discipline of the premises is self-maintained.
Though as per the standards, we introduce a card system to maintain the discipline and strictly oppose any physical or mental torture to the student. Cards are ranked in Green, Yellow and Red color as per the degree of the misconduct. Issue of a Red Card after 2 Yellow cards followed by 3 Green cards, will result in the cancellation of a students registration.
In addition to discipline, SGIS conducts Personality development and Stress Management sessions timely, which helps students in their overall development and know the secrets of controlling the mind.

House System :

To encourage overall educational interest, Students are classified in to Four Houses namely Muktanand, Gopalanand, Nityanand and Shukanand House symbolized with Yellow, Light Blue, Light Pink, Light Green colors respectively.

CES – Comprehensive Evaluation of Students :

Parents can virtually come here and see their childs performance.
This is self designed Internet based reporting software. The childs evaluation in more than 50 fields is timely updated, which includes his academics, health, attitude, personal, co-curricular, cultural and many other performances.