Activity Based Learning, Hyd

To canalize the soft instincts of a child towards creativity, it is needed to involve them in to project works. This is a complete student organized program. It involves choosing an appropriate topic, collecting sources, preparing papers, then representing them. To invoke interest into this activity SGIS reserves a percentage of annual marks for 5 projects submitted at the end of each the terms.

Coaching & Remedies

Competitive Coaching
For students in BIE who will be facing competitive examination right after their high school, special coaching for those examinations is provided.

Engineering : IIT-JEE, AIEEE, EAMCET
Medical : AIIMS

Language Coaching
NRIs or Students coming from regional medium, faces problems in following Hindi or English language, initially. A special tuition session is set up to teach the language from the core for those students.

Subject Remedies
Not every child follows everything. Hard learners are selected for the remedial classes of respective subject of their difficulty as per the assessment of Unit I. These classes are taken by the same subject teachers. Teacher becomes mentor of these students.