SSC, Hyd

SSC ~ School Secondary Curriculum

Affiliation to Secondary School Certificate gives an opportunity to the local people to let their ward gain their education at state level. With an idea to provide the facilities of international standards to wards, whose parents bare financial constraints in affording a fee structure of international school, SGIS introduce a “Free Education Scheme”, where in the total education fees is exempted – [Learn More]. This syllabus is provided from standard I to X with transportation.

We have a well organized transport system. Busses cover every corner of the twin cities, as well as many small villages, through 6 routes.



  1. English
  2. Hindi
  3. Telugu

Core Subjects

  1. Mathematics
  2. Science
    1. Physics
    2. Chemistry
    3. Biology
  3. Social Studies

Foundation Subjects

1. Information Technology

Additional Subjects

1. Drawing
2. General Knowledge

School Timings

Time Tasks
09:00  09:20 Prayer
09:20  10:00 1st Period
10:00  10:20 Recess
10:20  11:00 2nd Period
11:00  11:40 3rd Period
11:40  12:20 4th Period
12:00  01:00 Lunch break
01:00  01:40 5th Period
01:40  02:20 6th Period
02:20  03:00 7th Period