Infrastructure, Hyd

Infrastructure of a School plays an important role in providing, technology aided learning. A child when experiences the core perceptions of his subjects, working in laboratories, we believe, makes the units complete then and not by merely finishing the classroom study. To this idea, it is certain to have a comfortable infrastructure.


School is equipped with 20 — 25 sized fully ventilated classrooms with a maximum strength of 35 students each, thereby making the classroom interaction more zealous.

AV Halls

SGIS is equipped with 4 Audio Visual Halls. Once a student has completed his lecture in class, he then comes to AV Halls where he studies the same concepts, on a projector screen. We have a vast AV Collections of CDs for every chapter of each subject. All the concepts are clear by now and the child is ready to perform his experiments on it.


Science Laboratories viz. Physics, Chemistry and Biology, are all well-equipped with all the necessary tools, chemicals, instruments. CBSE, SSC and BIE have their separate standard of Experiments which are observed in these laboratories.

In addition to the Laboratories of Science, a child needs to even imagine the crisscross and mazy 3D diagrams of Mathematics. Practical representation of math elaborates the subject and print geometrical concept into their little brains.