Residences, Hyd

SGIS Residences are well designed to accommodate over 625 students.


The 3 story building consists of 36, 15 — 42 dormitories, accommodating 16 students in each. A Student is provided with personal cupboards, a bed, a chair and a footwear rack. All the dormitories are facilitated with a speaker and microphone, hence connecting all the rooms, directly to the Residence Office.

Mineral Water Plant

Drinking water matters much in a childs health. SGIS is set with a Mineral Water Plant, that refines the drinking water, throughout the campus. With this, water coolers are also kept to provide chilled water to Students.

Solar Heater

A child needs water in different temperatures in various seasons for bathing. Therefore, Gurukul provides separate pipelines, coming from around 35 Solar Heater Collectors, for hot water.