Residential Life

Vidyarthi Vastu Bhandar

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Vidyarthi Vastu Bhandar, the warehouse, is fully stocked with all the necessary stationeries like pen, pencil, notebooks, textbooks, toiletries, dresses, etc, eatables like biscuits, chocolates, fruity, appy, dry fruits etc. With this a fully updated students account, pocket money, is also maintained.

Students Communication Facility

Everyone is eager to hear the voice of their near and dear ones. Our children should also get to hear their parents or relatives.

Local Students

We organized Parents Visits for the Students who are local to Hyderabad and districts around twice in a month for an hour, where in they meet, eat and greet with each other.

Non-Local Students

To the student who comes from different states and country, we offer them to call Home twice a months.

Tailor Services

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul, Hyderabad has prearranged group of tailors who takes all the measurements and make all the dresses here itself. Besides, every wear and tares to any dress or personal cloth is stitched.

Laundry Services

Gurukuls Laundry Services is well set. Every 3 days in a week, a student can give his cloths and collect it washed and pressed it after 3 days.

Saloon Services

Barbers are timely arranged for the Hair Cuts of the Children. We promote sober look of a person and so have planned a typical good looking hairstyle for every student.