Info City :

One of the main attractions of this Gurukul is the Info-city inaugurated by Shree Keshubhai Patel, earst while Chief Minister of Gujarat.

The main intention of this info-city is to educate the society about science. The 64 projects displayed here attract the audience and though similar toys, clearly explain the scientific fact underlying behind them. This makes the students not only amaze but also think and helps them to clearly understand the scientific principles based on Light, Heat, Sound, Magnetism, etc. practically and playfully. The crystal clear explanation given about the scientific principles helps to eradicate the misconceptions and superstitions about the miracles of science.

There is a ‘Mega Calculator’ of the size of 700 Sq ft. This calculator has enter into the “Limca – Book of Records” year 2001.

All the operations in this calculator are accompanied with audio in 15 languages both in Male and Female voices. National Anthems of 261 countries, international timings, and also the weather temperature etc, could be received from this calculator. It takes two and a half hours to view all the operations it performes. It has also got a chance to enter into the Guinness Book of World Records. It is to be noted that the whole info-city and in particular this ‘Mega Calculator’ is the brain child of Pujya Santvallabhdasji Swami of Gurukul.

Exhibition :

This intends to inculcate Devotion, Patriotism and Moral values in the minds of the youngsters. The various episodes from the lives of Shree Ram, Shree Shyam and Shree Ghanshyam are depicted lively. The idols of Saints, Acharyas – Philosophers, Patriots and great Personalities are founded here to inculcate the moral values into the viewers. A 10 minute documentary film which depicts all the activities of the Gurukul is also screened during this exhibition.

Library :

This house of knowledge is divided into three divisions of 1. Books 2. Audio and Video Cassettes and 3. Photographs. All These divisions of library are mainly used by the students and devotees.

Enjoy Park :

One more attribution of Pujya Santvallabhdasji Swami is the Entertainment Park where children play joyfully as well as maintain their physical fitness and also develop their concentration by various play tools.

Gaushala :

Gaushala is one of the main features of the Gurukul tradition. The main intention of the Gaushala is to propagate the greatness of Cow and the service to cow and inculcate the habit of Gauseva in the young minds of the students. On the special days like Sankranti etc. Gaupoojan is being organised with great reverence.