Its not just the stunning infrastructure but the world around him makes him feel it as home.

Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul, Surat fulfills this need of the child by caring every interest of him, providing everything he wishes. The serene atmosphere of Gurukul keeps their minds and body healthy. In addition to the environmental beauty, the emotional needs of the child are fulfilled by the caring nature of House Parents.

Gurukul Residences are well designed to accommodate over 750 students.

Dormitory :

The 3 story building consists of 32, 15 — 40 dormitories, accommodating maximum 24 students in each. A Student is provided with personal cupboards and a footwear rack. All the dormitories are facilitated with a speaker and microphone, hence connecting all the rooms, directly to the Residence Office.

Mineral Water Plant :

Drinking water matters much in a childs health. Gurukul is set with a Mineral Water Plant that refines the drinking water, throughout the campus. With this, water coolers are also kept to provide chilled water to Students.

Solar Heater :

A child needs water in different temperatures in various seasons for bathing. Therefore, Gurukul provides separate pipelines, coming from around 36 Solar Heater Collectors, for hot water.