Since thousands of year, the skyscraper Mandirs are established. The only aim after this of the ancient sages was “To protect the Indian cultural heritage”. Through the Mandirs only, our cultural heritage is protected even after facing so many external crises. The virtues of unity among the mankind, is automatically synthesizes through this Mandirs. The agitation of mind and the anguish of internal mentality. Lord Swaminarayan also built Mandirs for the sake of the Pure Devotion and firm religious belief among the Saints and Devotees, towards lord and to continue this tradition in future.
Lord Swaminarayan built Mandirs during that time, when construction of the Mandirs were in scare. He built Skyscraper Mandirs in Ahmedabad, Bhuj, Vadtal, Dholera, Junagadh and Gadhpur only within 8 years! Apart from these, He also started construction in Muli, Dholaka, Jetalpur, Buranpur, Idar etc. but the Murti Pratishtha of the deities were consecrated after Lord Swaminarayan returned to Akshardham.
Lord Swaminarayan assigned the construction of these temples to HDH Brahmanand Swami and HDH Nishkulanand Swami. The mandirs, bult with the excellent skills of both these saints, are still unique in Sculpting, Sthapatya, and Highness. The arts of creating beautiful carvings and pillars, intricately carved beautiful dome are extraordinary.
To show the glory of establishing Mandirs, Lord Swaminarayan carried sandstones himself and helped to construct Mandirs ! Even the one, who had contributed unknowingly, got salvation. Even after he returned to his divine abode, Akshardharm, so many Mandirs have been built. In small villages, Harimandirs have been built.

The six mandirs built by Lord Swaminarayan are:

Amdavad :

Shikhars: 3 pinnacles
Murti Pratistha Date: Falgun sud 3, 1878 VS – 24 February 1822 CE.
Main Deity: Shree Nar-Narayan Dev
Constructed by : Anandanand Swami

Bhuj :

Shikhars: 3 pinnacles
Murti Pratistha Date: Vaishakh sud 5, 1879 VS – 15 May 1823 CE.
Main Deity: Shree Nar-Narayan Dev
Construction by : Vaishnavanand Swami

Vadtal :

Shikhars: 9 pinnacles
Murti Pratistha Date: Kartik sud 12, 1881 VS – 3 November 1824 CE
Main Deity: Shree Laxmi-Narayan Dev
Responsible for Construction: Brahmanand Swami

Dholera :

Shikhars: 5 pinnacles
Murti Pratistha Date: Vaishakh sud 13, 1882 VS – 19 May 1826 CE.
Main Deity: Shree Radha-Madanmohan Dev
Responsible for Construction: Nishkulanand Swami

Junagadh :

Shikhars: 5 pinnacles
Murti Pratistha Date: Vaishakh vad 2, 1884 VS – 1 May 1828 CE.
Main Deity: Shree Radha-Raman Dev
Construced by: Brahmanand Swami

Gadhada :

Shikhars: 3 pinnacles
Murti Pratistha Date: Aso sud 12, 1885 VS – 20 October 1828 CE
Main Deity: Shree Gopinathji Mahraj
Constructed by: Lord Swaminarayan Himself