As a result of the Spiritual mission of Lord Swaminarayan and by the hard works of prominent saints, a huge community of staunch devotees having good virtues came into Existence. Like an ornaments of the sect, these devotees took extensive pain to alive this holy fellowship. Some even left their natives, some was abandoned from their caste, some even gave sacrifice of their life for this

sect. Some of the leading Staunch devotees are Dada Khachar, Zhinabhai Darbar of village Panchala, Parvatbhai of village Agatrai, Mayaram Bhatt, Sura Khachar of village Loya, Sundarjibhai etc., the male devotees and Jivuba, Laduba, Raj Bai, Ladhibai, Gangama etc., the female devotees had boosted the prestige of the Swaminarayan Sect.

The life of these devotees inspires the life of Mumukshus (one, who has keen desire to free from the worldly affairs).

Moral Disciplines for Householders :
All Swaminarayan devotees are initiated into the Sampraday with the Vartman ceremony, wherein he or she takes an oath to abide by spiritual disciplines. All past actions are forgiven in the presence of God and the chance to begin a new, spiritual life is provided.

The Ekadash Niyams – the eleven Regulations are

1. No Violence : Not to abuse, hurt or kill anyone, not even an insect.

2. No Adultery : Not to commit adultery, or excessively associate oneself with the opposite gender.

3. No Meat : Not to eat meat or take even medicines derived from meat.

4. No Alcohol : Not to consume alcoholic drinks or take even medicines mixed with alcohol.

5. No Suppression : Not to suppress or take advantage of widows or other helpless people.

6. No Suicide : Not to commit or even contemplate suicide.

7. No Theft : Not to steal, nor even pick a flower without the owners permission.

8. No Slander : Not to slander or blacken the character and lives of others.

9. No Vilification : Not to vilify other deities or religions. To respect all faiths.

10. No Impurity : Not to take food which is impure, not prepared with filtered water or prepared by unknown hands.

11. No Atheistic-association : Not to keep the company of atheists or lend one’s ears to lectures given by non-believers.

Note : All Swaminarayan devotees also avoid the intake of onions and garlic in any form.