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Medical Activities

Service to Humanity is Service of God

In view of the pious command of Bhagvan Swaminarayan to serve ailing people, Gurukul has established Shri Swaminarayan Hospital at Rajkot. Through this Hospital various health services mentioned being provided to the needy people.

► Eye bank

► Treatment of various eye diseases with the most modern technological equipments

► Zeiss Laser Machine for the people seeking freedom from eye glasses

► FACO surgery

► Ratina Surgery

► Cataract operation without stitches

► Computerized clinic to check up eyes and to check eye glass number

► Dental clinic with modern equipments

► Facilities for acupressure and physiotherapy treatments are also available

► Panch-Karma and massage treatments

► Ayurvedic, Allopathic and Homeopathic treatments are available

► Treatments by expert doctors for various diseases related to ENT, Skin, bone, children diseases, women diseases, diabetes etc.

► Facilities for dialysis, X-ray, Sonography, Color Doppler, Echocardiogram & pathological laboratory are available

Medical Services rendered at Concessional Rates

► 18,57,480 patients have been treated either free of charge or at concessional rates by the different sections of the Gurukul Hospital

► 530 Diagnostic Camps have been arranged so far in the Rural areas and 2,17,197 patients have been treated free of charge

► 203 Blood donation Camps have been arranged & 63,34,500 C.C. of blood collected for the needy patients

► In the Eye-diagnostic Camps, the patients who required operation have been given facilities free of cost, to & fro journey to the Gurukul Hospital with free lodging and boarding facilities & operated upon free of cost

► Medicines & Spectacles are available at concessional rates at the Medical Store & Optical Store in the Hospital building itself

► With mobile dispensary medical services are being provided in 25 villages of tribal areas of Navsari & Narmada district